Global Strategy: 2020 INSight

2020 INSight: the end in sight

This global strategic plan has three goals:

  • Sketch the current situation of trachoma and lay out what is left to be done, 
  • Describe milestones needed to eliminate blinding trachoma by 2020,
  • Convince donors and partners that a dollar spent on trachoma is a dollar well spent.






















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Additional information and news about ICTC's global strategy:

PowerPoint presentation overview of the 2020 INSight global strategic plan

Article on End Game for Blinding Trachoma

  • Where do we Stand as far as Global Elimination of Trachoma is Concerned, and how are we Going to Close the Gap?
  • This article is based on a presentation made by ITI Director Dr. Danny Haddad at the World Opthamology Congress 2012 in Abu Dhabi