How ITI Works

ITI's Vision: 

A world free of blinding trachoma.

ITI's Mission: 

To eliminate blinding trachoma by 2020 by managing the Zithromax® donation and collaborating with partners for the implementation of the full SAFE strategy.

What ITI Does:

ITI approaches its mission through three key roles:

  • Manage the supply and distribution of Zithromax® donated by Pfizer

  • Advocate at the global, regional, and country levels for the elimination of blinding trachoma

  • Collect data and manage knowledge on trachoma

ITI coordinates the donation of Zithromax® by Pfizer and assists countries and partners to develop supply chain capacity where needed. ITI works with partners at the international, national, and local levels to support trachoma control programs through implementation of the SAFE strategy— recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

ITI is a partner in the Alliance for the Global Elimination of Blinding Trachoma by 2020 (GET 2020).

Building on trachoma elimination success in Morocco, ITI has donated Zithromax® to 29 countries where trachoma is believed to be endemic.

How ITI Works:

  • Collaborating with national Ministries of Health, partner organizations, governmental and nongovernmental agencies  to support implementation of the “A” - antibiotics - component of SAFE. ITI manages the distribution of Pfizer-donated Zithromax® and ensures it gets to where it needs to be on time.

  • Promoting “Surgery” for trichiasis, the advanced stage of trachoma, which causes blindness, “Facial cleanliness” and “Environmental improvement” for a comprehensive, sustainable approach.

  • Providing technical assistance to countries and partner organizations, including logistical assistance, trachoma control research, and monitoring and evaluation of trachoma control programs

  • Mobilizing resources for trachoma control programs

  • Integrating trachoma control into approaches to eliminate and control other NTDs

  • Advocating for trachoma to be included in wider health and development agendas, including those that target improved access to clean water, sanitation, and education, and seek to improve the lives of women and children.